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My husband and I moved to Tallahassee from Louisiana, where we had spent our entire lives, in November 2012. We had three precious canine rescues from Baton Rouge, one of whom was nearing the end of her battle with kidney failure when we arrived in Florida. We had established a great relationship with our local vet in Louisiana, and had determined a treatment of care that would keep her comfortable and with us as long as possible, so one of our first tasks was finding a vet in our new city. After visiting a few other clinics in the area that weren't a good fit for us, we were so happy to find Capital Circle Veterinary Hospital. On our first visit, they helped me manage one of the other dog's allergies without costly tests and medications and - most importantly - put me at ease for the time we'd have to tell Lucy goodbye, which I knew wasn't far off. When the day came, we called and Jaimie told us to come right away. The day all pet owners dread had arrived and we were absolutely devastated, but I truly can't imagine a better group of people to help her, and us, through that very difficult morning. They were kind and compassionate, and even though more than a year has passed, I fondly remember the comfort they provided all three of us, and I will always be grateful.

Fortunately, every visit since then has been for annual checkups, grooming, boarding - sometimes all three of those things at once. My favorite thing about Capital Circle Animal Hospital is the convenient and friendly service they offer. They are truly a no-hassle one-stop-shop, and I recommend them to all my friends.

M. Collins

My animals have received outstanding care from Capital Circle Veterinary Hospital.

For many years they have cared for my two dogs. I cannot recommend this office enough. My dogs, Trudi and Delcie are always treated with kindness and professionalism. Everyone from the front office staff to the veterinary techs are caring and compassionate. We even use the grooming services next door at the Fritz and the boarding services at the Vet's office.

One time when on vacation with my family, our Trudi became sick while using the boarding facilities. After receiving several concerned phone calls about her status, the doctor called me and asked if she could be boarded on the hospital side of the facility, and fed a special diet and given medication. The doctor took into consideration Trudi's advanced age which again was far above what anyone has done for our dogs.

I was comforted by the additional effort that was put forth to insure my dog's wellbeing. I truely appreciate all that doctors and their staff has done over the years for my family.

Thank you!

Brenda and John Osborn

Dear Capital Circle Veterinary Hospital Staff,

I wanted to formally express my gratitude and appreciation for Dr. Peg Fricke's exemplary services to our family and our pets: Daisy, our Pomeranian, and Pepper, our cat. Dr. Fricke is, without a doubt, the finest veterinarian our family has ever had treat our pets. I personally have never seen her compassion and tenderness equalled and I completely trust her professional expertise and judgement. She is thorough and skilled while displaying sensitivity and gentleness. Dr. Fricke has regularly seen our pets for their routine check-ups as well as for their illnesses. It takes an incredibly special person to consistently display the high level of care and kindness that define Dr. Fricke's veterinary practice.

I am deeply grateful for her work.

Laurie Barringer

The vets at this office are kind, thorough, and very patient with my pet. The medical staff are very accommodating to your schedule and are very friendly. We like this place so much that we use the Fritz for our grooming and our room and border. They are reliable and pay attention to your pet's needs. Our Rascal loves the staff and I highly recommend this establishment for a one stop shop for pets.

-Nina Davis

You guys are fabulous. Only April can groom our cat and make him look like the cowardly lion.

-George Rozes

The Fritz has become a second home to our yellow lab, Lucy. When we first got her we didn't know we would both be working full time. Having used the Fritz and CCVH with past dogs we looked to them for a solution. Jean and her capable staff became doggy daycare. This offered piece of mind and confidence that Lucy would have the best opportunity to be happy and well socialized. Coming up on five years and we are grateful for the level of service provided.

-Wes and Judy Greenwalbd

Dear Dr. Blanton,

This past Saturday we lost our Little Cocoa. My husband was home with her and thinks she had a heart attack. It was such a shock because she had been doing so good up until her death. The K/D dog food you had recommended for her had been a big hit. She loved it!

On November 1st, I thought I was losing her, but because you recommended the IV treatment, we got to have our precious dog for 2 1/2 more months. Christmas was so special because we had her there. I am thankful that she didn't get sick again and was happy at the end of her life.

Thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you have given to my pets over the years, and for the kindness you show every time I need you, no matter the reason. I will always be grateful to you.

Diane Redd

Dear Dr. Blanton and Staff,

I wanted to share Coco's story that I wrote for the website, who helped me get through Coco's ordeal, along with your wonderful help!!! Please feel free to share with any animal owners who might need a word of encouragement.

I am forever grateful for everything you all did! Wishing you and yours a Blessed Holiday Season and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Melanie Lindsey, Coco, Hop and the Guinea pigs, Ernie and Bert



By Coco Lindsey

Hi, My name is Coco Lindsey. I am a mini-doxie around 4 years old, pushing 5, so my mom thinks. I was brought to Mom in November of 2005 so I could keep her company during a difficult time.

Around November of 2008, I started having some difficulty going up and down a few steps into our home. Mom thought I was being a stubborn "furbrat", which I am at times. That was not the case. For days I balked at the steps and Mom had no clue I had back issues going on. After a few more days, she could hardly touch me without me trying to bite her- I just couldn't stand being moved!

On December 3, 2008, Some nice man told Mom to try Dr. Blanton, who is well known for his back surgery skills. Mom called, and off to Capital Circle Veterinary Hospital we went. He was very gentle and kind. He suggested an x-ray under anesthesia, knowing I couldn't be still due to the pain. Mom waited patiently until Dr. Blanton came out and told her that I was a good candidate for back surgery. He explained everything and she agreed to go ahead. Mind you, I was still zonked out in a back room awaiting her decision. I didn't have a say in the matter but I wanted the pain gone and so did Mom. They immediately started surgery.

On December 6, I went home where Mom took great care of me. She had a crate fixed up with a memory pad and my beloved fleece blankies. She cooked some chicken breast and I gobbled it up. That afternoon, I used the pottie outside with Mom helping me with an ace bandage as a sling under my tummy.

On December 10, I visited Dr. Blanton and all looked well. By December 17, 11days post-op, I was walking on all fours with minimal sling support from Mom! Now, Mom never relented on the crate rest and I served my time- 6 weeks, strictly. Well, now it is all a distant memory. I can run laps around the couch and dining room table!

I went to this vet for over ten years once I discovered - Dr Luke Blanton. Only changed because I moved a couple of months ago to another city. Outstanding exceptionally compassionate; thoroughly knowledgeable; and again, the care/compassion is outstanding. Also, wasn’t the exorbitant way over-prices like a few others.

Cynthia B.

Dr. Weldon is a very gifted vet

.-Jennifer B.

The vets at this office are kind, thorough, and very patient with my pet. The medical staff are very accommodating to your schedule and are very friendly. We like this place so much that we use the Fritz for our grooming and our room and border. They are reliable and pay attention to your pet's needs. Our Rascal loves the staff and I highly recommend this establishment for a one stop shop for pets. - Nina D.

We have used. Capital Circle Vet and the Fritz for over 30 years. Great caring service and helpful professional staff.

.- Paul B.

Great office and bedside manner. my kitty Duke really liked Dr. Fricke!-

Jeana C.

Great hospital! I love the staff and most importantly the caring and kind Doctors! I have had several pets come here for years!-

Suzanne F.

Cool!- Tyrone S.


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