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Routine Preventative Care

Many changes in dogs and cats can occur in a relatively short amount of time, making annual visits very important for the health of your pet. Yearly visits can uncover medication needs, dental issues, and early onset of age-related diseases. Prevention or early discovery of problems can greatly increase the quality and length of life in dogs and cats. Our doctors recommend yearly exams in order to provide the best preventative care for the life of your pet.

Vaccinations are part of a complete preventative care approach.  What vaccines your pets need depends on a variety of factors such as age and environment.  Our doctors will recommend the vaccine protocol that makes the most sense for your pets to keep them healthy and free of vaccine-preventable diseases.

Parasite detection and control is another vital component to preventing illness in pets (and their people). Intestinal parasites such as hookworms and roundworms can be spread from pets to their owners.  External parasites such as fleas and ticks are vectors for diseases that effect both people and animals. Heartworms are a serious parasite transmitted by mosquitoes that invade the heart and cause devastating disease in both dogs and, less commonly, cats.  At the preventative care visit, your pet will be screened for parasites and appropriate parasite prevention will be recommended.


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